The Sea at Daytona Beach

The sea off Daytona Beach hosts a wide range of wildlife. Of course some are a little more famous than others, such as the dolphins that you can see playing not very far off the beach, and if you are lucky enough to have a high vantage point such as a top level hotel room then you can see the Dolphins just out to sea, and often just past where the people are.

Sea Turtles are also well known visitors to the Daytona area, and those vacationing may well see the tracks of these in the mornings around nesting season but you are more likely to see the conservation areas marked and fenced off at the top end of the beach.

Pelicans and other seabirds are highly prevalent in the area, for obvious reasons from funny little birds running away from the incoming waves then chasing them back out again to the elegant Eagrets wading beside you as you walk along the beach. Pelicans can be seen flying in formations as well as fining in smaller groups up and down the coast of florida and the ungainly almost pre-historic look is unusual to say the least.

There are a few less welcome visitors in the Daytona area. The most obvious and notorious is probably the sharks. It is not like Daytona Beach is a regular scene from Jaws but it always worth mentioning that they are out there. The majority of sharks are down at the southern tip of the area where the Halifax river and Atlantic meet, there is a lot of sea turbulence down there which stirs up the river / sea bed and provides a lot of nutrients, this attracts a lot of fish and therefore a lot of sharks – that is how it was explained to us anyway.

By far the most prevalent wildlife in the area has a habit of walking on two legs – yep, the biggest impact on the area is the human population.

So, play in the sea by all means but play safe.

Daytona Beach water temperatures Average 16 deg C, summer highs ~ 25 deg C

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