The Beach at Daytona Beach

One of the things that dominates Daytona Beach, and has done for the longest time is, of course the beach itself.

The Beach is 23 miles long so plenty of room for everyone, and is soft sugar white sand with little to no discernable rocks. The beach gently slopes into the sea and it is more often than not quite easy to walk quite some way out and still only be waist deep.

Plenty of lifeguards on duty and beach patrol makes for a safe environment but, of course, be aware of the recommedations from the lifeguards and any posted notices to ensure you have the best time at the beach.

There is plenty to do on the beach, from people watching to beach driving and with all that space there is normally room for everyone. Ball games and sandcastles are obvious attractions as well and the beach caters well for these.

Along the back of the beach there is a range of bars, restaurants and hotels where you can get drinks , snacks and meals should you want them.

Of course for a small fee you can also take your car onto the beach in certain areas, which makes for great access to all of your beach goodies and many people take advantage of the beach driving. There is more information coming over on our dedicated “beach driving

Of course, Daytona Beach was made famous by the racing that used to be carried out on the beach using the beach for northwards legs and what is now the A1A for southbound. Racings North Turn Bar and Restaurant sits at the top of this old lap of Daytona Beach and has a beach access just to the south of the building. though most of the North Turn has disappeared, this is still part of this historic circuit and can still be driven through.

The pier is central to the Daytona Beach area and as you may imagine there is a host of shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment in this area. From the Ocean Walk area of Shops restaurants and entertainment through to the Tshirt shops and pier activities themselves this is the hub of the beach nightlife and central beach area for daytimes.

There is an abundance of wildlife at Daytona Beach, from the birds including the zippy little beachcombing waders through Snowy Eagrets, eagles and of course the Pelicans which can be seen either in small or large squadrons soaring along the seafront hotels or fidhing in the sea, just a little way out. There is a wide range of fish about and you will see people fishing from both the beach and the pier.

Of course some of the larger residents down by the beach include the Sea Turtles, and they have their own areas of the beachup the coast a little bit and mostly water bound are the dolphins which can be seen regularly just offshore. The can be seen chasing fish, doing a little wave riding or simply just doing what dolphins do. There are, of course also Sharks in the waters off Daytona Beach and more information is on our Beach Safety  page.


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