Daytona International Raceway

Imagine 43 cars, 700bhp each all opening their throttle to maximium in one unison movement, just yards from you as they exit turn 4 to start a 200mph race to the line which will end in 500 miles, thats the spirit of racing at Daytona International Raceway.

The noise reaches a crescendo, the air pulsates to their exhaust note and you swear the

Cars Cross the line at the start of the Daytona 500

Daytona 500 Race Start

ground starts to shake as the cars roar past and onto lap 1. Such is the speed of the cars circulating the circuit, they can set up their own wind direction around the track as they circulate at speeds approacing three times the speed limit on the highway. And when it all goes wrong and a mistake happens……


Daytona Raceway is situated within Daytona Beach, Just off International Speedway Boulevard, wonder how that roadname came about eh!.

The track opened in 1959 and was the branchild of William France Sr who had the design built. It has since been the home of the Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in the NASCAR calendar as well as a number of other events.

The track itself has changedĀ little since opening, the high banks provide high speed cornering and the addition of lighting in 1998 has added night and evening racing to the mix and is now the largest single lit outdoor sports facility. Renovations to the infield in 2004 complemented the repaving in 1998 and another repave in 2010.

The track now sports the obvious Tri-oval circuit plus infield sections which enable both oval and circuit based races to be held.

The history of course pre-dates the 1959 opening when the race was run on a soutbound leg on the A1A and then northbound on the beach at Daytona, but there is more of this on our Daytona Raceway History page.

The facilities for the visitor are superb, both on race days when the movement in and out of peole is quite amazing to witness (the capacity is 147,000 people) and on non race days when the visitor centre is a suprb day out for race fans of all ages. Try out a pit stop, try and walk up a piece of banking, go to the infield and through the pitts. It really is a fantastic day whether there is a race on or not.


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