Nascar Sprint Series

Just 6 races left till the end of the 2013 Nascar Sprint Series and Matt Kenseth had just a three point lead on the rest of the field headed by Jimmie Johnson (2183 to 2180 points), and Kevin Harvick was not far behind at just 25 points – 2158 points.

It all came out with Johnson on top at Homestead.¬†It was a class performance and it was clinical, and for long stretches it appeared effortless. When it finally ended, with fireworks overhead and that big silver trophy held above his head, the night was just like the driver himself –¬†extraordinary .

The 28 point lead at the beginning of the race over Matt Kenseth was diminished to 19 points as Johnson finished 9th to secure his sixth championship. Johnson had been up front for most of the event. His lead was never really challenged and his car appeared to have been ready for the event from the outset.


Congratulatons Jimmy Johnson  2013 Nascar Sprint Champion

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