Miami and Miami Beach

Miami Metro area is the 8th most populous and 4th largest urban area in the US and the most populous in the southeastern United States at around 5.5 million.

Around Miami there is as you may imagine lots to do, some common ideas are:

The beach, kinda obvious really as Miami Beach and especially South Beach Miami are South Beach Miamisome of the more famous places going in and around Miami. South Beach is a popular attraction for both the locals and the tourists and gets quite busy at times but isn’t generally what you might call over-crowded. Get there early though for a great spot and you will be rewarded all day long.



Miami Nightlife

Miami Nightlife Street scene

Miami Nightlife

The Chic party atmosphere around Miami is prevalent through its many bars and clubs, where you may be rubbing shoulders with who knows who. But it is not all bars and clubs as Miami has some great restaurants and its diverse culture provides a wide range of eateries including of course Cuban food in the Cuban district.



The Cuban District, Miami or Little Havana as it is known sits to the south side of central Miami. littlehavanaDepending on when you go you may see some of the festivals that are specific to the area including the Calle Ocho, the Three Kings Parade and the Viernes Culturales or cultural Fridays. for a taste of these have a look at

for full and in depth information have a look at the Little Havana Guide

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