Cape Canaveral

Nowadays Cape Canaveral is synonymous with Kennedy Space Centre though it wasn’t always so. The area was first aquired in the 1920’s by a group of journalists who invested $150,000 in the area and named it Journalista. Through troubled times through the 20’s and 30’s the original investors lost controlof the area and it was re-purchased by a smaller group and renamed Avon By The Sea.

Known as cape Kennedy from 1963 to 1973, now of course Cape Canaveral is home to the Kennedy Space Centre however there is still some great beaches and much more to the area than just the KSC.

Only an hour’s drive from Orlando, Cape Canaveral is one of the busiest cruise ports in Florida, and a good home base for your Florida adventures. Your Cape Canaveral vacation can include fishing, boating or surfing on the Atlantic Ocean, or of course touring the  Kennedy Space Center. take a trip down to Port Canaveral’s waterfront restaurants and nightlife and enjoy a charming dinner, a great night out or party into the night.

Cape Canaveral is just north of Cocoa Beach and east of Merritt Island. It has warm, inviting beaches, rolling surf and year round sunshine. Cape Canaveral is one of the friendliest communities in northern Brevard County. The estimated 10,500 residents of Cape Canaveral are able to choose affordable housing from an attractive mix of beachside and mainland properties. Tourism and the space industry are two of the top job sectors for the residents of Cape Canaveral.


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