Daytona Beach Speed weeks are when Daytona really comes alive. Speed Weeks are when one form of motor racing or another descends on Daytona for a week of racing and octane fuelled fun and interest.

The Daytona 500 really opens the year in style with the first Speed Week of the season as Nascar gathers for its opening week of racing. From testing through qualifying and then the races themselves the week is, of course, full of interest at the circuit.

However there is a lot more to do at Daytona during Speed Week. Events are always going on around the city, especially at Daytonas other attraction – the beach. In 2013 many vintage racers both originals and replicas re-enacted a race on the beach and up to Racings North Turn and back down the A1A, cars from the teams could be seen at various locations throughout the town plus drivers and crew from the tems as well.

Bike Week, not to be confused with Biketoberfest is the annual motorcycle equivalent of the Daytona 500 but of course for bikes. The bikes may not run on the full oval but there is just as much entertainment as the modern day chariot riders duke it out on the Daytona Infield before they blast round one end and through the tri-oval.

In town the muscle cars are largely replaced by the Hog’s as bikers descend on Daytona for this racing weekend, of course there are many road going race bikes to counter the chrome and black paintwork of the harleys with carbon and alloy of the race bikes. You may find more information about Daytona Bike Week at www.officialbikeweek.com

Nascar returns again in July for the July the 4th weekend for the Coke Zero 400 race. Less of a Speed Week, more of a long Speed Weekend but the racing and the fun and games are no less entertaining.

there is more below about the motor racing and Speed Weeks for this and the coming years, so make sure you add them into your calender early, and while you are at it, why not book your accommodation early!

As you may imagine, accommodation is in high demand at this time of year and booking early with a good deposit may actually help you negotiate a better rate. there is no harm in asking. Of course the further away a property is from the facilities the prices do reduce but our tip, stay near to but not necessarily on the beach, we find it better to be there than near the raceway. Parking for the raceway is superbly well organised and we think you will enjoy the non racing time near the beach entertainment and all that is going on there rather than time near the raceway.





Dates for your Planner:

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Rolex 24 Hour Race
Daytona Int’l Speedway
Daytona, Florida ,
 Jan 26-27  Jan 25-26  Jan 24-25  Jan 30-31  Jan 28-29
Daytona 500
Daytona Int’l Speedway
Daytona, Florida ,
 Feb 24th  Feb 23rd  Feb 22nd  Feb 21st  Feb 26th
Bike Week
Daytona, Florida ,
 March 8-17  March 7-16  March 6–15  March 4-13  March 10-19
Daytona 200
Daytona Int’l Speedway Florida ,
 March 16  March 15  March 14  March 12  March 18
Spring Break Nationals
Paul Papadeas
Daytona, Florida ,
 March 9-10  March 8-9  March 6-7  March 11-12  TBD
Spring Break
Scott Edwards
Daytona, Florida ,
 March 18th-31st  March 16th-31st  March 16th-31st  March 5th – 31st  March 4th-31st
Spring Car Show & Swap
Daytona Racing District
Daytona, Florida ,
 March 23-25  TBD  TBD  TBD  TBD
Coke Zero 400
Daytona Int’l Speedway
Daytona, Florida ,
 July 4th-6th  July 3rd-5th  July 2nd–4th  June 30th-July2nd  TBD
Coke Zero 400 (& related events)Florida ,
 July 4-6  July 3-5  July 2-4  June 30-July 2  TBD
Daytona Beach Area CVB
Daytona, Florida ,
 Oct 17-20  Oct 16-19  Oct 15–18  Oct 13-16  TBD
Turkey Run
Daytona Racing District
Daytona, Florida ,
 Nov 28 – Dec 1  Nov 27-30  Nov 26–29  Nov 24-27

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