Daytona Beach Weather

Hurricanes or at least the threat of them are a part of the way of life in Florida and Daytona Beach, and the fact that the town is there, all in one piece does tend to indicate that it can pretty well stand up to one should it arrive. Whilst hurricanes can be destructive most pass without major issues and news reports often show the very worst of what is going on.

More information can be found from the National Hurricane Centre, the image below shows current activity, click the image to go to the NHC, NOAA website for more information.

Current Atlantic Hurricane View

Current Atlantic Hurricane View from NOAA

Many of the threats of hurricanes are just that, threat and tend to be a bit of a non event but of course there is always the chance that there may be one that takes a swipe directly at where you are in Florida.

Avoidance of issues with hurricanes is simple enough, heed the warnings, leave when told to and follow the instructions of the authorities when and where told to.


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