Nascar Sprint Series

Just 6 races left till the end of the 2013 Nascar Sprint Series and Matt Kenseth had just a three point lead on the rest of the field headed by Jimmie Johnson (2183 to 2180 points), and Kevin Harvick was not far behind at just 25 points – 2158 points.

It all came out with Johnson on top at Homestead. It was a class performance and it was clinical, and for long stretches it appeared effortless. When it finally ended, with fireworks overhead and that big silver trophy held above his head, the night was just like the driver himself – extraordinary .

The 28 point lead at the beginning of the race over Matt Kenseth was diminished to 19 points as Johnson finished 9th to secure his sixth championship. Johnson had been up front for most of the event. His lead was never really challenged and his car appeared to have been ready for the event from the outset.


Congratulatons Jimmy Johnson  2013 Nascar Sprint Champion

2014 Hurricane Season

With just 8 named storms on the atlantic coast and a further 21 on the pacific, none of which made landfall on continental US as a hurricane it certainly has been a quiet year, we won’t put the curtain down on the 2014 season just yet as there are still a couple of weeks of November left but things are looking good.

See the 2014 recap on Hurricane Central at



2013 was predicted to be a busy year for hurricanes and named storms, but as per our previous post and update on the 2013, they got it wrong again. for the last few years it has been predicted that each successive year would be worse than the previous, fact is, they weren’t.

2014 is now predicted to be quieter than last year. makes you wonder how much science there is behind all of this, and assuming there is lots, just how much randomness has to be built into any calculation, prediction or guess comes in from the weather forecasters.

It does seem that the only way to really know how many storms, named storms and hurricanes each year will have, is to look back at what has passed.

So, What is the prediction for the coming year

Source: The Weather Channel.

  • Named Storms: 11
  • Hurricanes 5
  • Major Hurricanes 2

Note: major are included in Total hurricanes

Current information can be found from the National Hurricane Centre, the image below shows current activity, click the image to go to the NHC, NOAA website for more information.

Current Atlantic Hurricane View

Current Atlantic Hurricane View from NOAA

2016 Hurricane Season

Well 2016 was pretty quiet on the east coast for much of the season, Hurricanes Colin and Hermine both passed over the panhandle area and through northern Florida and Georgia. Then, at the beginning of October Matthew came looming through the Caribbean. Initially passing between Haiti and Cuba, with a lean and landfall very much towards Haiti, Matthew did some major damage in the Caribbean as a Cat Major Hurricane. Matthew then tracked in a north-westerly direction and the Bahamas and east coast of Florida braced themselves. 

With the Bahamas next in line, with a major hurricane passing directly over them as a Cat3/4, History and good planning has prepared the Bahamas for hurricanes but this was a big event whichever way they looked at it.

Matthew came very close to heading for landfall around the Treasure Coast around Jupiter, Stuart and Port St Lucie. Matthew however jogged to the east a little, and the treasure coast breathed a sigh of relief – but what next. 

Matthew tracked up the coast, remaining just offshore but still managing to do some damage especially to the very closest coastal regions from south of Daytona Beach all the way up through St Augustine and then further up the coast impacting on Jacksonville, fl and on up through Brunswick, Ga, and through the Georgia coasts and on into South Carolina where it finally made landfall near McClellanville, SC.

Matthew’s biggest impact to the coastal US would be North Carolina, and as is often the case, the wind was not the major issue, but flooding after the hurricane had the biggest impact on the area.

Looking forward to 2017, well, there will be predictions, but in all reality, do they really have a clue as to what the coming year will bring?  

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