Snow Birds

Snowbirds may of course want a longer term rental opportunity. Escaping from the Colder weather in the north of the USA and often anada in general there i a large ppulation of Snowbirds who fly (come) south for the winter – hence the name.

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The benefits are obvious for the Snowbird and Florida alike, the snowbirds get a great place to spend the winter normally at a great rate too for those renting, and normally home form home comforts. The area benefits from year round trade thus balancing the annual quiet and busy times.

There is of course as much range of properties as you could wish for and rates that match accordingly. For longer term rentals such as monthly, three monthly etc these rates are quite attractive when all things are considered, and it is always worth discussing these rates to see how flexible they are.


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 Of course one of the major the benefits of a snowbird rental are the warmer weather, as well as just being a nicer environment it is kinder to joints, skin, and generally much less stressful on the body so there tends to be less ailments etc. Of course don’t forget, no expensive heating bills, no snow clearance, no slippery ice, and no getting snowed in or out. Eating out is great too with Earlybird, Special Deals and Happy Hour(s) you can navigate around Daytona, Wilbur by the Sea, Ponce Inlet or Ormond Beach hopping from one deal to the next – As a great many already do.

Apart from Eddie Cochran, not many people suffer from the Summertime Blues, so come and escape the winter blues down here in fabulous Daytona Beach.

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