2014 Hurricane Season

With just 8 named storms on the atlantic coast and a further 21 on the pacific, none of which made landfall on continental US as a hurricane it certainly has been a quiet year, we won’t put the curtain down on the 2014 season just yet as there are still a couple of weeks of November left but things are looking good.

See the 2014 recap on Hurricane Central at Weather.com



2013 was predicted to be a busy year for hurricanes and named storms, but as per our previous post and update on the 2013, they got it wrong again. for the last few years it has been predicted that each successive year would be worse than the previous, fact is, they weren’t.

2014 is now predicted to be quieter than last year. makes you wonder how much science there is behind all of this, and assuming there is lots, just how much randomness has to be built into any calculation, prediction or guess comes in from the weather forecasters.

It does seem that the only way to really know how many storms, named storms and hurricanes each year will have, is to look back at what has passed.

So, What is the prediction for the coming year

Source: The Weather Channel.

  • Named Storms: 11
  • Hurricanes 5
  • Major Hurricanes 2

Note: major are included in Total hurricanes

Current information can be found from the National Hurricane Centre, the image below shows current activity, click the image to go to the NHC, NOAA website for more information.

Current Atlantic Hurricane View

Current Atlantic Hurricane View from NOAA

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